The program of action towards and within the LGBTIQ community has the task of creating a community that is aware, educated and empowered, by communicating with the community, creating cultural and social programs and content, the Pride March and Pride Month. The strength and influence of LGBTIQ activism on the public is largely dependent on the unity of the LGBTIQ community because power lies with the collective and not individuals. Our goal is to make the LGBTIQ community aware of the importance of its role in the social changes we will leave behind as our heritage.

By following this program, we:

educate the LGBTIQ community and broader public through lectures and forums on the rights of LGBTIQ persons, culture, activism and current topics, as well as through art and music workshops (Roza Hipnoza (Pink Hypnosis), Prajdionice (Pride workshops), Znaj svoja prava! (Know your rights!), Radionica izrade transparenata (Banner-making workshop));

strengthen solidarity, or create networks with similar organisations and Pride Marches throughout Croatia and the world through cooperation; strengthen the solidarity in the LGBTIQ community through meetups, discussions, camaraderie and other connections (Tim za Prajd (Pride Team), Prajdizanke (Pride Partisans), Queer Teens, Partycipacija (Partycipation));

organize the Pride March, Zagreb Pride’s biggest and most visible protest, held as a protest in June during Pride Month, which presents the community, its supporters and the broader public with various LGBTIQ-themed events;

communicate with the LGBTIQ community through social networks, questionnaires created to start the conversation about the LGBTIQ community’s needs and wishes; give support; communicate with the broader public and supporters through cultural and social manifestations in order to decrease (auto)homo/bi/transphobia (Živa biblioteka (Living Library), Queer Teens, Mama možemo li malo popričati? (Mum, can we talk for a bit?)).