The program of advocating equal rights for LGBTIQ persons has the role of creating political and social change, both for LGBTIQ persons and our society as a whole, with the goal of achieving our mission and vision – establishing a society of active solidarity and equality, free of gender and sex norms and categories and any other type of oppression. This program was created from the need to directly protect the rights of LGBTIQ persons, and because of the LGBTIQ community members’ frequent requests for support. The main reason Zagreb Pride decided to act throughout the whole year instead of only just before the Pride March is to fight against hate crime, discrimination and the inequality of LGBTIQ persons.

By following this program, we act in the following ways:

WE MONITOR and implement existing laws, policies and other regulations which guarantee protection from discrimination to LGBTIQ persons (Act on Gender Equality, Anti-discrimination Act, National Policy on Gender Equality, National Program for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, National Plan for Fighting Against Discrimination), we combat violence (Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Act, Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 October 2012 established minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime, Protocol for Procedure in Cases of Hate Crimes) and protect family life (Life Partnership Act, Family Act);

WE PROVIDE LEGAL HELP, INFORMATION AND REPRESENTATION for victims of discrimination and hate crimes – this is done in cooperation with a law firm and relevant attorneys. The main aim of this activity is to provide legal support and representation to LGBTIQ persons and/or life partners, victims of violence (hate crimes, harassment) and discrimination;

we create proposals for the amendment of existing laws and policies by working in groups or participating in public consultations and public hearings (Criminal Code, National Policy on Gender Equality, Family Act, National Program of Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, National Plan for Fighting Against Discrimination);

we create legal initiatives (Life Partnership Act; Gender Identity Act) and advocate them to decision makers (political parties, members of the Croatian Parliament, members of the Croatian Government);

we draw up periodic reports on the state of the human rights of LGBTIQ persons in Croatia in relation to the highest standards of protection of the human rights of LGBTIQ persons contained in the Yogyakarta Principles; we create or participate in creating other reports and alternative reports on the state of (LGBTIQ) human rights in Croatia, especially according to the Council of Europe, the United Nations Human Rights Council, special reports of the European Parliament, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Department of State, Amnesty International and ILGA-Europe;

public advocacy – we promote the human rights of LGBTIQ persons through public campaigns, media and other public appearances, by making announcements, giving statements, participating in TV and radio shows, creating media content