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Youth given prison sentence for hate speech against LGBTIQ community Zagreb

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A Zagreb court has delivered a six months’ prison sentence with one year’s probation for hate speech on social media against a young man who said he was sorry the consequences of a tear gas attack in a Zagreb club in 2017 had not been worse, the Zagreb Pride NGO said on Friday. Hate speech against the LGBTIQ community and Zagreb Pride has been punished in Zagreb, with the important explanation by the court that incitement to hate based on sexual orientation could result in the creation or intensification of intolerance towards the LGBTIQ community as well as in the [...]

Manifesto of the XX Pride March of the LGBTIQ Community, Persons and Rainbow Families

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Twenty prides together in comradery and resistance On the 29th of June 2002, we – transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender non-conforming, asexual, pansexual, bisexual and queer people, gays and lesbians – came out against prejudice with our heads held high, fully aware of our human dignity and civil rights. On that day, which marked the first Croatian Pride March, we came out of silence once and for all and ceased to be invisible. From that day on, we have refused to be punching bags and laughing stocks! Since 2002, united in comradery and solidarity, we have resisted heterosexism, patriarchy, political [...]

For Months Now, A Homophobic Gang Has Been Beating Up and Burning Gays in Zagreb’s Parks

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New information about the attacks on gay men in Zagreb New testimonies by eyewitnesses and the late 2020 Molotov cocktail attack on a gay man in Maksimir are undeniable proof that a violent homophobic gang has been roaming Zagreb’s parks and gay haunts for months now. A man who witnessed an attack on another gay man in late August and prevented it from escalating further has contacted Zagreb Pride as part of our legal support to victims of violence and discrimination. The victim was being beaten up by two homophobes armed with batons when the witness bravely intervened. This hate [...]

Freedom and Equality within and beyond our four walls

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Manifesto of the 19th Zagreb Pride March of the LGBTIQ community, persons and families, 19.9.2020. We – lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer persons, rainbow families, and the community gathered in the 19th Zagreb Pride March, demand full constitutional equality. This year, our “new normal” is that the Pride March will, for the first time, start on St. Mark’s Square, in front of the Parliament, the Government, and the Constitutional Court. We are not here by chance, we are here to demand of the highest authorities of our Republic to tear down the walls which still limit our rights, [...]

19th Zagreb LGBTIQ Pride March to be held on September 19, 2020

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For freedom inside and outside our four walls The annual Zagreb Pride March will be held this year, not in June as usual, but in late summer. The 19th Pride March of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer persons and our families and friends, which was to take place today, will be held in Zagreb on September 19, 2020. We may not be walking today, but we are still here. Therefore, with today’s symbolic action of occupating the squares and streets the Pride March normally passes through, we want to show that we exist and that we are a part of this society, [...]

19th Pride March of LGBTIQ persons and families Zagreb Pride 2020 postponed for autumn

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The 19th Pride March of LGBTIQ persons and families Zagreb Pride will be held this year, but not as usual in June, but in autumn. It was extremely difficult for us to make this decision because this June will undoubtedly be less cheerful, colorful and loud than usual. However, we did not want to agree to the restrictions and prohibitions that would be imposed on the Pride March and all those who walk proudly in it in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. Since 2002, Pride has been fighting for the fundamental human rights of LGBTIQ persons to public assembly without restrictions, [...]

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